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About us

Silverbell Books is an independent publishing house. We write and publish eBooks and physical books for children, youngsters and slightly childish grown-ups. As much as we respect tradition, we work without distinction to it and primarily use digital media for our marketing. The publishing house is founded by a writer with marketing skills and a sales expert who also happens to be a tech wiz. Together we track down new pathways to an ever-changing market place.


Helle Julin 

Helle Elisabeth Julin is an author, a journalist and a brand specialist. Her series of fairy tales and children’s stories are constant reminders that life is precious, and laughing is man’s best medicine. She is born in Copenhagen, Denmark and currently lives by the Mediterranean coast of Italy.


Lars Brandt 

Lars generally runs the business part of the publishing house. Lars is born in Copenhagen, Denmark, but now lives in Italy. He's also a lot happier in real life than he appears on the photo.

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Photos on this site, those of ourselves aside, are sourced from Unsplash, donated by some of the most generous and skilled photographers of the word. We salute you!

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